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IT & Computer Training Courses

All of our computer training courses are career building trainings. We highly value your goals and work together as a team with you in achieving them. You might think why IT courses? It’s mainly because the world is realising the potential that the IT industry holds in the near future and in current times. We have a simple philosophy regarding admissions; if you have the dedication then you are eligible to enrol in our computer courses.

An Overview of our Computer Courses

No matter which of our IT course that you go for, the skill that you will gain through it will benefit you for the rest of your life. We teach our students updated technology tricks and techniques so that they can learn through modern trends of IT.

Web Development Course

Our web development course is your key to success with which you can go at a rapid pace in your career.

Network Administration Course

Work with some of the finest companies in the country after learning from our network administration course where you will be made an expert at computer networking.

Software Development Course

Want to enter in the list of geniuses behind the daily programs? Go for our software development course and find the key to enter the professional world of IT.

Job opportunities & Career Prospects

Because of the drastic change in technology, it’s no wonder that the internet is full of freelancers who are constantly providing you with IT solutions but the IT work that is posted on daily basis over the internet exceeds the amount of freelancers by 300%. With our computer training courses you can find IT jobs as a freelancer and otherwise too.

Do you know you can make up to £30,000 per annum with our Computer Courses?

Not only can you earn a good amount of money in computer jobs but you can also experience new and emerging technology first hand. You can work as an IT consultant, a designer, a developer or an administrator to start off with. The potential of growth in the IT industry is fast and effective. This is what the computer courses teach you; to be able to grow instead of just staying on the same post for years.

Loans & Funding Options

There is no need to supress yourself just because you don’t have ample funds to go for our computer training courses. We help you through our 0% finance loan option where you can put the financial worries behind and train with a clear mind. Our instructors are always very helpful with students in terms of their career counselling.

Why Train with us?

We have the best to provide the best. For a non-stop and lavish training choose us.


Course Funding

Train now and pay later with a 0% interest rate funding option.


Job Opportunities

Find a rewarding, well-paying and beneficial job with our computer courses and earn thousands.