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Professional Fitness Trainer Courses

We want to contribute a great deal in the fitness and health industry by training people who are passionate about being fit to inspire others to approach a healthier lifestyle. Our personal fitness trainer courses are popular among all age groups and genders which makes this training all the more exciting. Unlike other training schools, our personal fitness instructor courses consist of small groups so that we can provide equal attention to all our trainees.

What do we Offer?

We always support our students a great deal to go for multiple personal fitness instructor courses so that they can collect a better and a bigger skill set from us. We polish you into an exceptional personal trainer who delivers nothing but the best.

Personal Trainer Instructor Course

Become the motivation and encouragement of hundreds of people by learning from our personal fitness instructor course.

Studio Cycling Workshop

In love with a bicycle? Learn ways to use it to shed weight and keep your health intact in our studio cycling workshop.

Metabolic Conditioning Course

Help yourself and other by gathering the right kind of knowledge about your body in our metabolic conditioning course.

Exercise to Music Instructor Course

Learn to move to the music during workouts in our exercise to music instructor course.

Level 3 Personal Training diploma

Better the skills, best will be the results. Enhance your personal training skills with our level 3 personal training diploma.

Gym Based Boxing Workshop

Become a person of fitness as well as sports with our gym based boxing workshops.

Career prospects for a Personal Fitness Trainer

No matter which fitness trainer course that you take up or no matter what you specialise in, be it aerobics or yoga, you are set to find a job that pays up to £30,000 per annum. After you are done with your personal fitness trainer course then you can work with recreational centres, gyms, resorts and many other such places. All you have to do is stay fit at your job and make your clients happy.

Make up to £30,000 Per annum as a personal fitness instructor

You can also work with various hospitals and on private locations as a personal fitness trainer. You can become an athletic coach to many sports personnel or teams. The possibilities of what you can do with these fitness training courses are endless. If you are a business oriented person then you can also work freelance or invest in your own fitness club.

Course Funding Options

You don’t need to worry about the course funds if you don’t have any. Let us help you with our 0% interest rate loan option with which you can train without having a single worrying thought in your head.

Why Train with us?

Want a high quality and career building training? Choose us


Funding Options

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Job Opportunities

Sit back and train because we are going to do the job hunting for you