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Professional Cooking Courses & Cooking Classes

We have been encouraging people to make healthier and sustainable lifestyle changes through full time and part time cooking courses. You can enrol in our cooking classes if you want to become a professional chef or want to do something totally different from your routine, either way the benefits are immense. We have an experienced team of professionals who help you in preparing for your career in the future.

What our Cooking Courses Include?

We have created a very fun and comfortable learning environment for our trainees where they can attend various cookery events and experience the on field part of the process. Our cooking classes are popular from freshly graduated people to elderly people who want to pursue a career. If you enrol with us, it’s never too late. Here are a variety of cooking courses that we offer:

Professional Culinary Diploma

Eat well, serve well and earn well with the knowledge you will gain through our professional culinary diploma, specially designed for career oriented people.

Food Safety Level 2 Award

Don’t forget to learn everything about food safety and food hygiene through our food safety course which will help you a great deal in any chef job or food business.

Ship’s Cook Certificate Assessment

Shift from the regular chef to an on board chef with the techniques we teach you in ship’s cook certificate assessment.

Career Overview for a Professional Chef

In the past few years, there were major and drastic changes in the hospitality industry all across the globe. These changes were for the best and because food businesses want to stay top notch, they are creating numerous vacancies so that every individual has a task to focus on. Our cooking classes are a great way to receive a career counselling.

Become a Chef and make up to £30,000 per annum

You can work as a sous chef, a pastry chef, an assistant chef or an executive chef after these cooking courses. Depending on your skill set and experience, you will find a suitable job in which the potential of growth will be perfect. You can also start your own catering club or a cooking school where you can be the boss of your own.

Course Funding Options

Don’t let no or less money get in the way of your dreams. We have designed a 0% interest rate loan option to make the already affordable cooking classes even more convenient. You can now start training without paying and pay once you are done training. It’s as simple as that. We also hold ourselves responsible for finding you the right kind of first job.

Why Train with us?

We prioritise you over everything else on campus with high quality training.


Funding Options

Train now and pay later once you finish


Job Opportunities

Let us do the hunting for chef jobs all across the country for you so you can start off on the right foot.